Austin Garage Door Repair | How Much Does It Cost to Convert A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster?


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How Much Does It Cost to Convert A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster?

Austin Garage Door Repair | How Much Does It Cost to Convert A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster?

Does your garage have a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring system and it just broke, leaving you scrambling to find a garage door company who can repair it? And when you finally find one, you are getting quoted anywhere from $900 to $1,800 in Central Texas?

At Gator Garage Door Repair we are getting a call on Torquemasters at least once a day. While we do not repair Torquemasters, we have replaced thousands with safer and longer-lasting high torsion spring systems over the past nine years.

In this article, we will break down for you briefly what a Torquemaster is, what components it is made out of, what price you should expect and what factors influence that cost. We will also explain why we at Gator recommend switching to a high cycle torsion spring system. Sounds technical? Don’t worry, by the end of this you will know what the difference is and you will have all the information you need to make the right choice for your family.

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Components & Repair Prices

Garage doors have a spring system that makes them open and close smoothly. There are two main types of garage door springs: Wayne Dalton Torquemaster springs and Torsion Springs. Wayne Dalton Garage Doors is known for its unique proprietary spring system called the TorqueMaster Plus system. This system keeps the springs safe by enclosing them in a strong steel tube, which prevents the garage door from going off track.

Elements of a Torquemaster

A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster is comprised of the following elements:

  • The Torquemaster system utilizes a smaller spring inside a hollow steel tube located above the garage door.
  • Wayne Dalton Torquemaster systems have small cable drums that act as a counterbalance to lift and close garage doors.

Why Is A Repair Difficult And Expensive?

But what happens if the spring inside that tube breaks? When that spring breaks, you will have to replace the entire system as you cannot just repair one part. This will cost you …

But finding a company that can repair the Torquemaster spring system can be challenging. For one thing, getting all the parts needed for these repairs can be tough because they are not readily available. Additionally, only a few technicians know how to replace this system.

We choose the Torsion Spring System for several compelling reasons. Torsion systems are well-known for their strength in lifting heavy garage doors, ensuring their effectiveness, durability, and extended lifespan. By opting for a Torsion Spring System, you’ll enjoy a garage door that operates reliably and lasts longer, providing you with peace of mind and convenience.

Why Replacing It With A Torsion Spring System Might Make Sense

Most repair companies will suggest changing your Torquemaster system to a Torsion Spring System instead which is not only safer but will last you longer if you opt for a high-cycle torsion spring (see below). In addition, it offers you more options for fixing the springs in the future.

However, it can be expensive, costing around $900 to $1,800, because replacing it with a Torsion Spring system involves adding about seven to eight new parts.

The Parts Of A Torsion Spring System

Austin Garage Door Repair | How Much Does It Cost to Convert A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster?

  • Cables. Cables on garage doors are long, solid wires or ropes that play a crucial role in the opening and closing of the door. They are typically made of steel and are an essential part of the garage door’s counterbalance system.
  • End Plates. End plates on a garage door system are like strong metal brackets found at the top and bottom of the vertical tracks on the sides of the door. They play a crucial role in holding the door in place and ensuring it moves up and down smoothly. These plates help keep everything secure and working correctly.
  • Springs. Special metal coils on a Torsion tube above the garage door help the door move up and down. They are a vital part of the garage door system and are responsible for making it easier to open and close the heavy door.
  • Drums. Drums on garage doors are round or cylindrical parts connected to the ends of the horizontal shafts on which the cables wind and unwind as the garage door opens and closes. They help to ensure that the cables remain in place and work smoothly to move the door.
  • Center Spring Plates. Center Spring Plates on garage doors are metal plates or brackets used to secure the center of the torsion spring system. They are essential components that help distribute the garage door’s weight and ensure the torsion springs function correctly.
  • Torsion Tube. The torsion tube on a garage door is a long, sturdy metal tube running horizontally above the door opening. It is a crucial part of the torsion spring system. The torsion springs are tightly wound around this tube, and when the door is opened or closed, the springs twist or unwind, creating the necessary force to lift or lower the garage door.
  • Rollers. Rollers roll inside the vertical tracks on each side of the door as the door opens and closes. These rollers are crucial in helping the garage door move up and down smoothly without much friction. Rollers can be made of plastic or metal.

Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Garage Door Conversion

When garage door companies provide you with an estimate on converting your Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster System to a Torsion Spring System, several factors can increase the repair cost. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you get quotes from garage door companies:

  • Door Size. The size of your door – matters in the conversion because it determines the number of springs needed and the length of the torsion tube.
  • Torsion Tube. The length and diameter of the tube used can increase the conversion price.
  • Rollers. Can be optional with different companies and the material used for the rollers.
  • Labor. Labor costs may vary throughout companies.
  • Springs. The cost for a spring replacement can vary based on factors such as the type and size of the springs and the weight and material of the garage door. Another factor to consider when pricing out springs is how many cycles (number of times a garage door goes up and down) the spring has.
    • 10,000 cycle springs: 3 to 5 years
    • 20,000 cycle Springs: 7 to 12 years
    • 75,000 cycle Springs: up to 20 years


Austin Garage Door Repair | How Much Does It Cost to Convert A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster?

Example: The Gator Garage Door Way

At Gator Garage Doors, we prioritize getting your garage door back in working order as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, we do not repair Wayne Dalton Torquemaster systems. Instead, our experienced technicians will assess the issue with your garage door. If you have a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster system, we will provide you with a quote for converting it to a Torsion Spring System.

Additionally, we use high-quality components in our Torsion Spring System conversions, including:

  • Cables
  • End Plates
  • Drums
  • Center Spring Plates
  • Torsion Tube
  • Springs are 75,000-cycle springs lasting up to 20 years.
  • Rollers: The Gator only uses Nylon rollers with ball bearings with a lifetime warranty.

Using high-quality components and the Torsion Spring System guarantees a safer, more reliable, and long-lasting garage door solution for your home.

Converting your Wayne Dalton Spring System to a Torsion Spring System can bring many benefits, including enhanced reliability, safety, and garage door performance.

Torsion spring systems are known for their durability and long-lasting performance, which can reduce the frequency of breakdowns and spring failures. They also promote safer operation by housing the springs above the door, thus eliminating potential safety hazards associated with the Torquemaster springs. Additionally, the improved balance and smoother operation of torsion spring systems can reduce wear and tear on other components, contributing to their overall cost-effectiveness over time.

Once you decide to switch to torsion springs for their reliability and safety benefits, you want the job done right the first time. Call the professional at Gator Garage Doors to handle the conversion to a torsion spring system; you’re not just getting a service but investing in peace of mind.

With their expertise, dedication to safety, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Gator Garage Doors is the professional you can trust to ensure that your garage door operates at its best for years. Give us a call today to have one of our experienced technicians come out and replace your Torquemaster to a Torsion System today.

Austin Garage Door Repair | How Much Does It Cost to Convert A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster?