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Garage Door Spring Repair

Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair in Austin TX

A broken garage door spring means you won’t be able to get your car in or out of your garage. Despite the inconvenience that a broken spring causes, do not attempt to replace garage door springs on your own. Your garage door spring has several moving components, some of them highly pressurized. It is wiser and safer to leave your garage door spring repair to professionals.

Our team of experts at Gator Garage Door Repair is on call 24/7 to assist with all your garage door needs. Our experienced, trained technicians provide fast and reliable service and quality workmanship in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. We have the experience and the proper equipment, including winding bars and safety cables, to safely repair your garage door springs and safeguard the contents of your garage.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Did you hear a loud bang coming from your garage or tried to open your garage door unsuccessfully before spotting a busted torsion spring or maybe even an older extension spring? When these springs go out, they really let you know. And the inconvenience it brings with its downtime is something that not a lot of home or business owners have time for.

When you work with the garage door spring repair experts at Gator Garage Door Repair, you can minimize the time without garage door function. We will also make sure your next spring won’t break prematurely.

We’re Here for You No Matter What Your Level of Repair

There are different types of garage door spring repair needs in the Austin area:

For the most part, torsion springs have replaced extension springs on both residential garage doors and commercial ovehead door although extension springs are still used in certain applications such as when there’s limited headroom or possilby when the surface may not be level. We also see these springs still being sold by the big box stores when a garage door isn’t purhcased with a garage door opener but we disagree with this approach and feel that all garage doors should be sold with torsion springs when possible.  There’s a reason the torsion spring system was developed. When under tension, torsion springs can be very dangerous and should only be handled by trained garage door professionals.

 Located on the sides of the door, extension springs are typically found on smaller residential doors. Extenison springs work similary to torsion springs, as far as counterbalancing the weight of the door, but that’s about where the similarities end.  Extsion springs are typically mounted so they run along the top of the horizontal garage door tracks where as torsion springs are typically mounted on top of the door although they can be mounted in the rear when circumstances demand this typy of installation.

We also provide repairs for garage doors and garage door openers and any part of the garage door system you can think of.

We Handle All Types of Garage Door Spring Repair

Every garage door utilizes different types of springs, depending on the type of door and year it was installed. The most common types of garage door springs are:

These powerful springs are usually found on newer residential and commercial doors and especially when the door width extends beyond 9 feet in width.

 You used to find extension springs on smaller garage doors but they were rplaced with torsion springs quite some time ago and are usually mounted on each side of the garage door to aid in lifting. These springs are rated in cycles, just like torsion springs, and typically last for 10,000 cycles which can be a lot if you don’t use your garage door much but for many it can be as little as three to 4 years.

In addition to garage door spring repair, Gator Garage Door Repair offers a wide array of services for your residential or commercial garage door in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. From track repair and maintenance to garage door opener installation, we have the experience and expertise to handle any garage door system.

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Gator Garage Door Repair will have your garage door functioning properly again as fast as possible. We take care to consider your overall system when making a spring repair.

With us you can be guaranteed:

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The most common reason that a gargae door spring repair is typically needed is due to wear and tear. Garage door springs are typically engineered for 10,000 cycles. One cycle equals the garage going up to open and back down to close.


The basic rule of thumb is four quarter turns equals one full revolution. The spring should be tightened one full revolution for every foot of door height.


If you notice any of the following, you will know your garage door spring is broken:

  • You see a visible gap in the garage door spring
  • Loud banging noise from your garage
  • Your garage door will not open more than six inches

There are a lot of variables involved with providing an exact cost to repair or replace broken garage door springs.  If your door is heavy it may have up to four torsion springs which can obviously increase the overall price.  Some doors also have custom springs, which can also affect the pricing quite a bit because we may have have to order the springs, which could involve freight, and the labor required to cut the replacment torsion springs down to the correct size.  And finally addiional parts such as bearings, cables and rollers may also require replacement which would add to the cost but it would also help ensure that your garage door works better than the day it was installed!

Repairs almost always results in the replacement of the torsion springs. The typical range when replacing garage door springs can run $500 – $1,000 including materials and labor but we promise to always provide the customer with up to three quotes that I like to label as the following – #1 – What you have to do. #2 – What you should do. 3# – What I would do if it were my grandmas house.  Each of the different options comes with tiered warranties so the more parts you have replaced the better the warranty is.

Unless you have the training, experience, and tools, do not attempt a DIY garage door spring replacement, as it is one of the most dangerous DIY tasks for a novice. Spring coils are wound to extremely high tension and should only be handled by a qualified professional.