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Upgrading Your Garage Door: Options and Considerations

great garage door can last you a very long time and enhance the curb appeal if the right garage door is chosen. With this in mind, it only makes sense to take your time when deciding on your new door to avoid making costly mistakes. 

When to Consider Upgrading Your Garage Door

The garage door is a significant component of the overall layout of many properties. That is why paying close attention to your garage door can help you improve the curb appeal of your property. So, if you spot any of the following signs, it is probably time to upgrade your garage door:

There is noticeable wear and tear

When we evaluate garage doors, part of that process is deciding whether or not a new garage door makes more sense versus a repair. Some things we look for are:

  • Large cracks in the garage door sections may cause the door to sag, which is a major safety risk.
  • Years of neglect have made it so that the cost of the repair is not far from a full replacement.
  • Dents in the garage door sections that are bad enough to harm the structural integrity of the door, causing it to become a safety issue, or maybe the HOA is demanding the door be replaced to comply with the HOA’s policies due to aesthetic-related issues.
  • Back in the day, many garage doors were wooden, and most of those doors are now thirty years or older. The sections now have dry rot and large cracks and are simply falling apart. 

Outdated Technology

Garage door openers manufactured prior to 1993 do not come with safety sensors and are a major safety concern especially when little kids or pets are in the home.

Temperature Control in Garage

  • Many homeowners use their garage as a gym or office so someone who has a non-insulated door may want to upgrade to a high r-value insulated door to help keep the space more comfortable.
  • Upgrading to an insulated door will help keep the utility bills at bay.
  • Upgrading to a high r-value polyurethane garage door can have a temperature swing of up to 20 degrees if all potential gaps are sealed when the new door is installed.

Garage Door Upgrade Options

  • Repair and upgrade parts
  • Add Insulation
  • Design
  • Material
  • High-Lift
  • New Opener with Wifi, LED lighting, battery backup, motion control
  • Sidemount opener versus standard ceiling mount

Tips for Properly Upgrading Your Garage Door

Avoid trendy designs.

Choosing a trendy design for their garage door that is inconsistent with the rest of the house is one of the most common blunders homeowners make. An ultra-modern garage door, for instance, may appear remarkable, but it may not go with a traditional ranch house. So, ensuring that the design and color scheme blend with the rest of the property is important.

Consider your garage door options.

Consider your garage door options.

While simple and competitively priced, garage door replacement offers many options. Of course, you would always want the finished product to look its finest. Therefore, style, color, material, and technological possibilities are all significant factors in choosing one.

Pick your windows carefully.

The difference that the appropriate windows can make to the appearance of a garage door may be a big shock to you. In addition to elegance, windows can give the garage interior ample light. To help you choose the right windows, consider following these tips:

  1. Install insulated glass if you have a heated garage.
  2. Place glass in the top panel for increased security as well as privacy.
  3. Avoid installing glass behind slanted or non-square corners on your garage door opener.
  4. Finally, if applicable, match the window style to the windows in your home.

Choose the right color.

If your garage is extensively exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, a dark color is not advised since it will reduce energy efficiency and cause the color to fade quicker than planned. Check our guide to choosing the best color for your garage door here.

Is a Garage Door Upgrade Right for You?

Everyone knows that home improvement projects increase value, but only a select few are recognized to provide a positive return on investment when it is time for a sale. You might even be surprised to find that garage door upgrade comes on top of the list for cost-effectiveness among all the most popular home improvement operations.

Upgrades or replacements to your garage door are the way to go if you are getting ready to sell your house and want to optimize your profit and sell it quickly. And this statement is especially true if your existing one is outdated, unappealing, or not operating smoothly.