Austin Garage Door Repair | Garage Door Repairs and Prices in Austin

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Garage Door Repairs and Prices in Austin

Austin Garage Door Repair | Garage Door Repairs and Prices in Austin

Morning times at home can be hectic for many of us. You might be hurrying to get your kids ready, make your coffee or lunch, or deal with the rush before leaving for work in the busy Austin traffic. It can feel like a lot to handle. And when you think you’re all set and ready to go, you might face the annoying problem of a garage door that won’t open. That can be really frustrating, and you probably feel like saying, ‘Ugh, not this, too!’

Right then, you grab your phone and use Google to find the closest garage door company to help you with the problem. While making the call, you start wondering how much it will cost. Hoping for at least a ballpark figure, You also consider whether the company is honest about their prices or if they’re not being completely transparent.

At Gator Garage Doors, we try to always give our customers several options to choose from so they can make the best decision for their unique situation.  Those options typically include what must be repaired or replaced, parts that are worn as well as damaged and a full rebuild or replacement of the door or opener.

The article below provides a comprehensive breakdown of the more common garage door repairs and a corresponding price range. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed choice and ensure you get a fair price for your garage door repair.


Breakdown of Garage Door Repairs

Two main factors influence the cost of a garage door repair: material costs and the labor to repair, replace, or install them if that part doesn’t already exist.

Labor                                                                  Austin Garage Door Repair | Garage Door Repairs and Prices in Austin

Labor is typically the most expensive part of a garage door repair. Are you going to repair your door? Probably not, since it can take time and there is the potential for injury. Therefore, a significant part of the repair is having a well-trained and experienced service technician come out and properly diagnose and solve the problem. Labor can depend on the time it takes to complete the repair and the job’s complexity.

Material Costs

As a valued customer, you hold the power to make a choice when it comes to purchasing parts for your garage door. You can opt for more budget-friendly options or invest in higher-quality materials with a slightly higher initial price tag. It’s worth considering that selecting higher-quality materials often leads to repairs that last longer and a garage door that operates more efficiently over time.

For instance, you can choose between plastic rollers, which are cheaper but less durable, and nylon rollers, which may cost just a bit more but promise long-lasting performance. While nylon rollers come with a slightly higher upfront cost, you’ll save in the long run by avoiding the need for frequent replacements, unlike plastic rollers, which can lead to ongoing expenses.

Understanding Garage Door Repair Costs: A Guide to Common Repairs and Their Prices

When discussing fixing garage doors and how much they cost, it’s important to look at the problems people often have and how much it usually costs to fix them.

Here’s a list of different garage door problems and how much it might cost to get them repaired, including the work done and the materials used:


Common Repair Jobs Average Cost in Central Texas
Spring Replacement (1 or 2 springs) $350 – $700
Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Conversion $900 – $1,800
Cable Replacement $225 – $300
Garage Door Rollers $280 – $325
Off-Track Door $195 – $1000
Sensor Repair or Replacement $135 – $250
Weather Seal From $180
Panel Repair or Replacement $250 – $800

Spring Replacement

Spring Replacement

Spring Replacement can vary based on factors such as the type and size of the springs, as well as the weight and material of the garage door. Another factor to consider when pricing out springs is how many cycles the spring has. (A cycle is going up and down one time). A garage door spring repair can cost between  $350-$700, including labor and materials. At Gator Garage Doors, we install 75,000 cycles lasting up to 20 years.


Wayne Dalton Conversion

Do you have a Wayne Dalton garage door with a broken spring? Changing it from a Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster spring to a regular torsion spring system can have different costs. This change involves using about eight different parts for the conversion. These parts can cost anywhere from $900 to $1800.


Cable Replacement                                        Austin Garage Door Repair | Garage Door Repairs and Prices in Austin

Are your garage door cables in bad shape? If worn out or broken, it’s crucial to replace them to keep your door safe. Cables play a significant role because they help the door move up and down and hold its weight. But sometimes, they wear out or break. If you need to fix your garage door cables, you usually have to change both sides at once, and it could cost you around $225 to $300.


Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are crucial in a garage door’s smooth and efficient operation. The rollers Facilitate Movement, Reduce Friction, Support the Door’s Weight, and Stabilize the Door. At Gator Garage Door, we use nylon rollers with a lifetime warranty, and you will find the prices between $280 and $325.

Door Is Off Track

Fixing a garage door off its track involves:                                      Austin Garage Door Repair | Garage Door Repairs and Prices in Austin

  • Realigning the door with the tracks
  • Ensuring the rollers are in good condition
  • Securing the track alignment

This situation is a significant safety concern and needs immediate attention to prevent potential hazards. The repair cost for a garage door track can range from $195 to $1000, with the final price depending on how severe the damage to the door is.


Sensor Repair or Replacement

Garage door safety sensors are super important because they stop the door from closing if something is in the way. However, the door can become unsafe when these sensors aren’t working correctly. Sometimes, these sensors have problems like being out of line, something blocking them, or issues with the wiring. Before calling a professional to fix them, it’s wise to check if anything is blocking their view. If they need fixing, like adjusting or rewiring, hiring someone to repair or replace them could cost around $135 to $250.

Weather Seal

Over time, the weather seal around a door can degrade, which may require replacement to protect against weather and pests. There are different types of weather seal, including seal for the bottom, threshold, and sides/top of the door. These Seals are durable and effective at sealing gaps and can be made of either rubber, vinyl, or silicone, with the price depending on the size of your door. The cost of a weather seal or bottom seal starts at $180, depending on your door’s length, width, and color.


Panel Repair or Replacement

Repairing or Replacing damaged garage door panels might cost between $250 and $800, depending on the panel’s material and the extent of the damage.

In Summary

Homeowners should have a clear understanding of the factors that contribute to the costs of garage door repairs. These costs are primarily determined by the skilled labor involved and the materials’ quality.

Investing in high-quality materials is crucial because it ensures the longevity and superior performance of the repair. While there may be an initial higher cost associated with quality materials, their enduring strength and durability make it a worthwhile investment.

Ultimately, it’s all about striking the right balance between cost and the quality of the workmanship and materials. By doing so, you can make informed decisions and secure a garage door repair that not only satisfies you but also serves you well for an extended period.

If you are looking to have a repair done on your garage door, give Gator Garage Doors a call.


Austin Garage Door Repair | Garage Door Repairs and Prices in Austin