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Dripping Springs, TX

Quality Garage Door Repair & Installation in Dripping Springs, TX

Is your garage door malfunctioning? Perhaps you want to update the appearance of your garage or even install a new garage door for your Dripping Springs, TX property. Our team at Gator Garage Door Repair has got you covered.

Gator Garage Door Repair provides top-notch garage door installation and repair service in Dripping Springs, TX and the surrounding areas. Our team of trained, licensed technicians has the experience and expertise to handle any garage door repair, including garage spring replacement, track repair, garage door opener installation and repair, and much more.

The technicians at Gator Garage Door Repair service both commercial and residential properties and work with all garage door makes and models. Whatever the size, we handle every project with integrity and outstanding customer service and always treat your Dripping Springs, TX property and possessions with respect and professionalism.

From weather events and natural disasters to routine wear and tear, several factors can compromise the functioning of your Dripping Springs garage door. Our team at Gator Garage Door Repair has encountered all kinds of garage door issues. We are available 24/7 to assist with all your garage door needs. From emergency repair to regularly scheduled maintenance, every job is completed with the same commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, professionalism, and customer service.

If your garage door does not respond to your remote or struggles to open and close, contact us immediately for assistance. A malfunctioning garage door opener is potentially dangerous for you, your family, and the contents of your garage.

Our technicians can quickly diagnose and repair any garage door opener problem. The most common causes of a poorly functioning garage door opener are loose chains or cables, doors dislodged from their tracks, and remote defects. Call us today to schedule your repair.

For a new or replacement garage door opener, Gator Garage Door Repair works with the most trusted brands in the industry and always performs installations according to factory specifications. Our brands offer a comprehensive warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is protected.

A broken garage door spring can prevent your garage door from opening properly, meaning you will not be able to get your car in or out of the garage. Broken springs also pose serious safety concerns.

Broken torsion or extension springs cannot be repaired; they must be replaced by a licensed, trained professional. Coil springs are under a high degree of tension, and only qualified individuals should attempt to replace them.

Our team at Gator Garage Door Repair has the expertise and proper equipment to safely replace your garage door springs, protecting you, your family, and the contents of your garage. We correctly size and install garage door springs to properly balance your garage door.

The garage door experts at Gator Garage Door Repair can perform any type of new garage door installation, regardless of the size and scope of the project. From a simple one-car garage door to a luxury apartment complex with multiple garage doors, we can accommodate just about any size and style.

We will educate and advise you on the options available based on your needs and budget. We understand that a new garage door installation is an investment in your home and that you should have all of the information to make an informed decision.

The trustworthy, reliable technicians at Gator Garage Door Repair are available for both regular maintenance and the occasional tune-up and provide fast, reliable, and affordable services.

Our team of professionals can assist with all types of garage door maintenance issues, including:

● Popped springs.
● Crashing garage doors.
● Doors that will not open.
● Doors are dislodged from their track.
● Noisy garage doors.
● Battery replacements.

Our team assists you in developing a maintenance schedule based on the needs of your home or commercial property. With Gator Garage Door Repair, you can count on our professionals to work with you to develop your personalized maintenance plan for these issues and many more.

Choose Gator Garage Door Repair for honest, skilled, and convenient garage door maintenance and repair service in Dripping Springs, TX and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (512) 729-1480 to schedule your appointment.