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The Gator Family Club is an annual garage door and garage door opener maintenance program, including a 23-point inspection, testing, and maintenance routine that ensures your garage door’s health and longevity for years to come.

Only $189/year for the first door. Each additional door is only $50 extra.

During a maintenance check, Gator will:

  • Make necessary minor adjustments as needed,
  • Provide documentation of inspection & test results, and
  • Recommend corrective repairs/replacement as needed.

You don’t skip yearly dental cleaning and health check-up, so don’t skip your annual maintenance for your garage door.

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • Regular inspections and tune-ups by a licensed professional will help you maintain manufacturers’ warranties
  • You save money in the long-term as you catch issues before they become big, expensive problems.
  • Preventative maintenance extends the lifetime of your garage door.
  • Minimize the chance of negative surprises like getting your car stuck in the garage because the door is broken.
  • Enjoy additional benefits by being a Gator Family Club member, like priority scheduling.


With the Gator Family Club, you can avoid the inconvenience and unexpected expenses of major repairs, ensuring a smoothly functioning garage door all year round.

Join The Gator Family Club Today!

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What Is Included In The Gator Family Club Maintenance Plan?

Garage Door Inspection & Maintenance

  1. Panels, Windows, Inserts
  2. Frame, Jambs, Wood Trim
  3. Inspect the Weather Strip for Wear or Damage  
  4. Inspect, Adjust, and Lubricate Springs 
  5. Inspect Cables for Wear or Damage 
  6. Inspect & Lubricate All Rollers
  7. Inspect & Lubricate Center Bearing Plates and Bushings
  8. Inspect & Lubricate the End Bearing Plates and Bearings
  9. Inspect, & Tighten Hinges & Hardware 
  10. Inspect the Tension Spring Mounting Pad for Cracks and Splits 
  11. Inspect the Bottom Brackets 
  12. Inspect the Opener Bracket if Missing or Damaged 
  13. Inspect Locks for Proper Operation 

Garage Door Opener Inspection & Maintenance

  1. Perform UL 325 Safety Reverse Test 
  2. Inspect for Proper Operation 
  3. Adjust Up & Down Force Sensitivity 
  4. Tighten the Drive Chain/Belt as Needed 
  5. Lubricate Drive Train & All Sprockets 
  6. Check Wiring & Connections 
  7. Set Up & Down Limits As Needed 
  8. Remove Cover & Inspect All Internal Gears & Belts 
  9. Check Transmitters & Push Buttons for Proper Operation & Range 
  10. Check & Adjust Photo-Eyes 

Extra Benefits For Gator Family Club Members

  • Priority Booking
  • Surge Protector (one)
  • 10% discount on all approved service estimates
  •  Includes one tune-up on one door per year 
  •  Each additional door is $50.00.
  •  Don’t worry about scheduling your yearly maintenance – we’ve got it covered.
  •  Members only specials 
  •  Your membership conveniently auto-renews
  •  Hassle-free payments with financing options available
  •  Cancel at any time without losing out – you’ll continue to relish full benefits until your membership year ends.



Yes, you can cancel at any time. This is a yearly membership plan which runs 365 days from the day you signed up. If you cancel within that year, you will not receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your year, but you will not be automatically re-enrolled.

One of the biggest benefits of this program is that you can put your garage door maintenance on auto-pilot. You will be automatically re-enrolled for the next year unless you tell us 14 days in advance. Don’t worry, we will be sending you a reminder email.

No, if we do find that repairs are needed, the parts used for the repairs are not included in the membership base price and will be billed separately. But as a Gator Family Club member, you will get a 10% discount on all parts.