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Located in Travis County, Lakeway is an exurb of the greater Austin area. At the census in 2020, the population of Lakeway was 19,189. The city is adjacent to Lake Travis. 

Lakeway, TX – An Exurb of the Greater Austin Area

A short drive will take you from the greater Austin area to the exurb of Lakeway, TX. There is a resort-style neighborhood in the place with lots of amenities. Although it started as a little retirement community, the area is becoming a thriving city.

Family-friendly attractions, parks, and recreation services abound in Lakeway, Texas. It’s fun to explore the shopping area in the city center. Additionally, there are numerous eateries and retail establishments too. The place also has a municipal utility district that provides water and wastewater services. 

Lakeway residents have a median income that is three times higher than the Texas average. The city also has a low unemployment rate of 3.7%. In Lakeway, TX where it became a seller’s market last year, 16 properties were sold in the most recent month. 

Lakeway City Park: About the Place

Lakeway City Park, located in Central Texas, is a green oasis in an urban area. Local and foreign visitors can choose from hiking, boating, and fishing. Many exciting singletrack trails can be enjoyed here.

The lake is a favorite among locals and tourists. The water in the lake is breathtakingly clear. Visitors can take a lovely sail across the water in the summer by using the boat ramp in the park. Visitors can also go largemouth bass fishing. In the park, a pavilion is accessible for picnics.

A butterfly garden and other dry-land activities are among the many things to do in Lakeway City Park. There is a dog park nearby as well. The park serves as the location for various community get-togethers each year. Their kite-flying competition is one of their most well-known events.

Lakeway City Park: The History

Located along the western shore of Hurst Creek Arm of the Colorado River, Lakeway City Park has 64 acres of open space and offers lakeside recreation for families. Among the available outdoor activities are fishing, boating, and hiking. This park has a dog park, baseball and soccer fields, and hiking trails. 

The first wave of support for the park came in the early 1990s. Fundraisers included picnic tables, trash containers, and a playscape. In 2003, the City Council provided funds to construct a basketball court. Initially, the admission to the park was $5 or $7.50 per carload. A memorial wall was proposed to honor those who donated to the project. 

Some people opposed the park because they thought it would lead to more traffic, muggings, and drug use. They also worried about assaults and immoral behavior. Others worried that the park would raise taxes. Fortunately, city leaders rebutted these fears. 

Lakeway City Park: What To Do

Located on the shores of Lake Travis, the City of Lakeway, TX offers a variety of activities to keep you entertained. The lake is a popular destination for both locals and out-of-town visitors. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the water or a few competitive water sports, the lake has something for everyone. Check out the different private charters offered for a day on the lake to make your experience as delightful as possible.

The lake offers a lot of fantastic photo opportunities. Near the Lakeway Resort and Spa, there are a lot of good ones. For the best views of the lake, head down to the beach, which is a great spot for family fun. The lake is also a great location for some boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding. 

Lakeway City Park: How To Go There

Located in central Texas, Lakeway City Park is a great place for a picnic or some other outdoor activity. This park is a great way to get some exercise, too. The park offers two miles of trails and a butterfly garden.

You can get to the park by driving down Highway 71. This road is biker friendly, with wide bike lanes. You’ll also find a public boat ramp at the park. 

Lakeway City Park features a playground and baseball diamonds. Numerous guests can also take part in a variety of activities on dry land. There are two playgrounds available for kids. The one for children aged 2 and over, the other for those older than 2. The upper play area has a baby swing set and is also available for older children. A sports court and pavilion are available for picnics.

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