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Get the Quietest Garage Doors in Austin, TX

When the people in your home constantly go in and out of the garage for their various errands, the noise caused by your garage door can become deafening. The constant clanking and banging of the chains and gears can quickly ruin your quiet early morning coffee. Instead of investing in heavy-duty ear plugs, Gator Garage Door Repair can help restore some peace and quiet to your garage with our stealth package!

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Silent but Efficiently Installed Garage Doors

Whether you have an older garage door or want a new one freshly installed, ensuring it’s as quiet as possible can feel daunting. By offering the stealth package, we take the components of your setup that make the most noise and silence them. These hinges come equipped with a silencer sleeve that, even after rigorous testing, shows minimal wear and tear. 

We know that noisy garage doors can wake the entire household if they aren’t addressed. You might think it’s a natural part of owning one and that there’s nothing you can do about it, but with our stealth package, nothing is further from the truth. We have taken painstaking steps to ensure that our silencer technology can bring your noise levels down significantly.

What Makes the Stealth Garage Door Package Different?

You have heard of other local garage door companies offering silent options, so what makes ours different and the genuine article? It starts with these features:

Proven Technology: Our brand new design builds off its predecessor. We’ve taken steps to eliminate metal-on-metal contact — one of the main causes of the loud noises!

Noise Reduction: Opening and closing your door can cause a ruckus. Our design helps reduce the decibels up to 40 DBS.

Weather Proofed: The elements are always a danger to your garage door. We’ve built our stealth hinges to last, making them strong enough to withstand hot, cold, rain, snow, and more aggressive storms!

Improved Adaptability: No matter how old your garage door frame is, our stealth technology can handle it. We can retrofit our designs to a wide range of makes and models so you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Installing a Quiet and Peaceful New Normal

When you need a new stealth garage door installed, you want to partner with the best to get the job done right. Our team has extensive experience installing these doors quickly and efficiently with our proven process.

Place Your Order: As soon as you place your order, we’ll come to your home to measure the precise dimensions of your space and find your ideal fit.

Customize the Build: With those dimensions secured, we’ll custom-fit your new door to meet your exact needs for a seamless installation.

Install Your Door: Our professional installers will come to your home with your new garage door in hand and easily install your new stealth garage door.

Enjoy the Quiet: After we finish the installation, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful day no matter how often your garage door opens and closes throughout the day!

Trust Gator Garage Door Repair With Your Next Stealth Garage Door!

Our team has made it our mission to help our customers install their ideal garage door exactly when they need it. Our stealth garage door services have helped countless homeowners make their units as quiet as possible so they won’t have to worry about loudly interrupting their mornings. We work with our customers to find the ideal stealth garage door for their home’s needs. Contact us 512-518-5544 to schedule your first appointment with us today!.